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A trust-based certification

The REFOOD brand is a scheme for companies and organizations in the food and service sector, which makes efforts against food waste and for recycling. The REFOOD brand is a trust-based certification, based on a shared vision of a sustainable food and service sector, characterized by less waste of resources and more recycling.

Waste of resources is a major problem for society, both ethically, environmentally and economically. The waste takes place throughout the value chain from soil to table, and again from table to soil. Food waste costs the Danes 16 billion Danish Kroners a year, and additional resources are wasted in handling the food waste, where only 23% of the organic waste is recycled. The majority of these are incinerated, resulting in an unduly high emission of CO2 and loss of valuable nutrients.

Through prevention, sorting and recycling, we can think about consumption and business in a new and sustainable way. We believe in intelligent and professional recycling where resource efficiency and the environment are core tasks, and where opportunities for upcycling in the waste hierarchy are always brought into focus.

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